Cobrra NEMO 2 Motorcycle chain oiler kit


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Product Description

The Cobrra Nemo 2 is a motorcycle chain lubrication system developed by Cobrra of Slovakia. The Nemo 2 works on the principle of compression created within the unit itself. This is one of the most easy to install and maintain system as it requires no modifications to your bike and it is virtually maintenance free as the moving parts within the unit itself is lubricated by the same gear oil used to lubricate your chain.

The kit includes the Nemo 2 reservoir (a multi-chamber counter-rotating reservoir), a thin black plastic feed hose that is 286 cm (112 inches) in length and the reservoir housing, made from a light aluminum alloy. An adjustable guide arm for the drip tube is included, which helps locate the exact position for the tip of the drip tube, just over the chain. Cobrra also includes an aluminum wrench for service and for adjusting the drip tube guide arm. Several zip ties and two small adhesive cushion pads, along with a basic, and a basic instruction set are also incl.

Technical Specifications

  • Casing and Rectifier are constructed from CNC Aluminium Alloy
  • Uses a compression principle generated within the unit itself and not reliant on vacuum or gravity. No modifications to the bike is required.
  • 80W-90 transmission oil for regular and high speed; Bio oil for off road
  • approximately 5000 km can be achieved per reservoir fill depending on the riding conditions (Rain, Dirt, etc)
  • Lubricate every 150-350 km or so, or more frequently depending on riding conditions.
  • Viewing of the oil reservoir status can be done by either opening the lid or the oil level indicator at the bottom of the housing.


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